Company Profile

    Aust-For Pty. Ltd is an Australian company established in 1997. The company is specialized in the manufacturing and supplying ranges of agricultural chemical products. The major strength of the company is to develop and produce highly effective organic and biological fertilizer for enhancing sustainable productivity of agricultural, plantation, horticultural crops. Therefore the utilization of natural materials, such as humate, kelp and amino acid to formulate the environmental friendly fertilizer is a core business of the company.

    The Company calibrates with research institutes and universities to conduct R&D on nutrient balance of plant and soil to optimize nutrient utilization and productivities of plants. The research results are integrated with manufacture of high efficiency fertilizers for various agricultural crops and home garden plants.

    Aust-For Pty. Ltd also provides the service to source other agricultural chemicals from China for those companies who are not familiar with Chinese cultural and business practice. We have employed very experience and friendly staff who are Chinese origin to help sourcing, negotiating, importing, shipping and transporting of the products to the directed destinations of our clients. Aust-For is committed to a responsible care program. Whole production processes, packaging and transport must comply with the international standards of occupational health & safety and environmental regulations.

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